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Workers Protection Lawyer CA

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Workers Protection Lawyer CA

Especially during uncertain times, being able to rely on wages paid out by your employer while you cannot work is invaluable. Protections for employees of all kinds have been established for a reason, to benefit the employee. If you have experienced extenuating circumstances resulting from several particular circumstances, you may have more provisional protection than you initially realize. To find out precisely what your unique set of circumstances affords you, contact Employment & Labor Attorneys in Irvine, California, for information specific to your region.

Does My Employer Have to Pay Me While I’m out of Work?

Depending on the size of your employer, they will most likely have to compensate you for time spent away from work for specific regions. However, there are a few guidelines to familiarize yourself with before taking any firm action. Due to the complex and specific nature of the policies put in place by state and local governments, it is wise to consult with an Employment Lawyer and discuss the options available for you.

If you find that your employer is ignoring or refuses to cooperate with the rights you have as an employee, it may become necessary to involve the human resources department of your workplace. This should be the first step because when you report the issue to HR, a documented case will be produced to record the situation’s specifics to call upon if needed later. After speaking with human resources, finding Employment & Labor Attorneys in Irvine, CA, should be the next step. Once you retain the services of a seasoned employment lawyer, they will direct you on the immediate steps to be taken, as well as how to proceed in the long term.

Are Temporary Workers Protected Against Discrimination?

While there is a common misconception that temporary employees are not afforded many of the same rights as permanent employees in the workplace, especially in the area of discrimination against protected groups, this could not be farther from the truth.

Suppose you are a temporary employee and believe you have received unfair treatment due to being a member of one of the following groups. In that case, you should follow the standard reporting procedures valid for the workplace you currently find yourself in. These protected groups include race, color, religion, sex and gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, the status of disability. If your workplace refuses to cooperate with your report or any other backlash is shown, contact an employment lawyer immediately. Not only will this be an advocate for you throughout the process to come, but they will help ensure that the mistreatment ends as soon as possible.

If you suspect that you may be owed money while out of work or that you have been mistreated or discriminated against in the workplace, finding Employment and Labor Attorneys in Irvine, CA, should be your next step. At Farnell & Norman, we are dedicated to sticking up for the rights of employees statewide and will work diligently to ensure that your situation is resolved favorably. To schedule an initial consultation to discuss the details of your potential case, or with questions surrounding employment law, call our office today.

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