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Client Testimonials

Farnell & Norman

Client Testimonials

“Ron Norman is very professional. He answered all of my questions and kept me updated on my case. I especially like that he answered all of my questions personally and met with me whenever I needed to see him. Overall, I loved working with him. Thank you again for being there to support me and providing the best legal services possible.”

– Maritza A.

“Mr. Norman did an incredible job representing me. Regardless of how tough the case got, he continued to fight for me with immense tenacity, while remaining both professional and ethical. I recommend Mr. Norman to anyone seeking an attorney who is diligent, honest and who will fight for justice. Mr. Norman’s legal assistant, Catherine, was absolutely amazing. She informed me of any updates and was so kind.”

– Desiree D.

“My entire experience with Mr. Norman has been excellent. His counsel has been top notch and stress free on my part which is very important in retaining the services of a firm. His staff, especially his legal assistant Catherine, is extremely helpful and really make you feel at ease.”

– Mike T.

“I want to thank Stephen Danz and Ron Norman for their representation in a recent employment agreement litigation and settlement. Mr. Danz and Mr. Norman were always available, clearly explaining the process and possible outcomes. They are true professionals and I highly recommend them for future employment law litigation.”

– Eric D.

“Great experience working with Ron and Catherine! We would definitely refer anyone who needs their service to them!”

– Danielle M.

“Mr. Norman of Farnell & Norman consulted with me compassionately regarding my case for at least a full hour and then clearly laid out my options. My Norman’s legal analysis and predictions for outcome for my case proved to be spot on. Mr. Norman is a very experience and skillful negotiator and my legal matter was resolved in a very timely manner. His legal experience of 30 years was evident. I was very happy with the outcome.”

– Joyce M.

“Ron Norman handled my case very professionally and I felt my rights were being zealously advocated. The attorneys and staff are very compassionate and I walked out feeling vindicated.”

– Donald C.

“Farnell & Norman were strong and persistent and fully protected my rights and achieved excellent results.”

– Christian L.

“Top Notch Firm! First I must say what a relief it was to actually get my phone calls promptly returned. I was so pleased how professional everyone was and how smoothly everything ran with the handling of my case.”

– JT B.

“I needed some quick advice so I called Farnell & Norman and spoke to Ron Norman regarding my legal issues. He was very compassionate and very helpful. He spent a lot of time on the phone talking to me. I was able to meet with him the very next day and he was able to help me get my legal issues resolved quickly.”

– Mary T.

“The Law Offices of Farnell & Norman handled gets 5 stars from me.”

– Tim W.

“Thank You Mr. Ronald Norman for taking my case and making my experience none stressful. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and your honesty. If anyone is looking for an honest and strong attitude to fight for your case, take Ronald Norman to be your legal lawyer. He will most Definitely take his time and effort to make sure you’re happy with his service and he will fight for what you deserve. He did for me. I recommend 210% his law firm. Again thank Mr. Norman
Happy Customer!!!”

– Karla P.

“If you are looking for a wonderful attorney to represent you on your case against your Employer do not look around no more and hired Ron Norman from Farnell & Norman. I was so pleasant with Ron Norman performance, he did such a great job on my case! He is very knowledgeable and a very professional attorney I can tell he certainly know the law and what he is and was doing. My case was solved successfully thanks to Mr. Norman, Im very happy with the results and settlement. He was very helpful and humble since he even take is valuable time to give you moral support during the process so besides professionalism he makes you feel like you are valuable and his priority.
I will assure you he will fight for you and your case until the end.

Thank you so very much Ron for all your help and support I really appreciate.”

– Quintal M.

“Ron Norman is not only extremely knowledgeable with his craft, he is also very fair, and has heart. He cares genuinely for his clients. Ron can remain calm in the most stressful situations and never loses his focus or strategy.”

– Kristina D.

“Ron Norman is an amazing attorney who truly cares about his clients. He was very professional and extremely helpful with my legal issue in a very timely manner. He is always willing to speak with me and has been there for me 110%. I highly recommend Ron Norman and his team at Farnell & Norman for your legal matters.”

– Claudine C.

“I worked for these true gentlemen for several years and I can tell you, you will never meet better people. These guys care more than you can know. Mr. Farnell has the heart of a hero and Mr. Norman is calm and fair and so smart. You can’t lose hiring these gentlemen to take care of you during what could be one of most stressful time of your life. When you work for someone, you see the true person. These are really good people and know law better than anyone you will find anywhere. I was the receptionist and they treated me as well as the legal secretaries every day.”

– Karen F.

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